IWSM 2013   28th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling


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Plenary Speakers

Ciprian Crainiceanu Johns Hopkins University, USA
Longitudinal high-dimensional functional data, nonparametric statistics, Bayesian analysis, measurement error with interests in Neuroscience, Signal processing, Epidemiology and Biomarkers.
Torsten Hothorn Universität Zürich, CH
Computational statistics, algorithms and software implementations for unbiased recursive partitioning, variable and model selection in higher-dimensional structured additive regression models, and species distribution models. Interests in Biostatistics and Ecology, especially in the estimation of deer browsing intensities and the identification of risk factors for wildlife-vehicle collisions.
Stefano M. Iacus Università di Milano, ITA
Simulation and inference for stochastic processes, causal inference and matching algorithms, text analytics and sentiment analysis, mathematical finance and computational statistics with emphasis on development of the R statistical environment.
Geoff McLachlan University of Queensland, AUS  
Classification, cluster and discriminant analyses, image analysis, machine learning, neural networks, and pattern recognition; theory and applications of finite mixture models with focus on estimation via the EM algorithm.
Hein Putter Leiden University Medical Center, NLD  
The two main research interests are statistical genetics and survival analysis. Other research interests are resampling methods, spatial statistics (kriging), semiparametric models, and mixed-effects models. Recently interest in the analysis of quantitative trait loci (QTLs).