IWSM 2013   28th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling


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Information for Authors


Both volumes of IWSM have been printed. If you want to cite a paper:
Author(s) - Paper Title - Proceedings of the 28th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, (Muggeo VMR, Capursi V, Boscaino G, Lovison G, editors), vol.1 or vol.2, page numbers.
ISBN Vol. 1 978-88-96251-47-8
ISBN Vol. 2 978-88-96251-49-2

Table of contents with page numbers for vol.1 and vol.2


Authors are invited to submit an abstract using the abstract submission form (available via the left panel after registration and login). The presenting author must submit the PDF file prepared in LaTeX using the guidelines described below. The deadline for abstract submission is February 4, 2013 (extended till February 18) . Abstracts must include the title of the paper, name(s) of the author(s) and full address for correspondence (including e-mail). Abstract should report the substantive problem and the data analysed, as well as the approach and models used. Also include a clear statement of the main results and conclusions and the key references. The workshop language is English.
NOTE-1: Registration (even without payment) is requested before submitting the abstract.
NOTE-2: The presenting author must indicate whether he/she wishes to give an oral or poster presentation
NOTE-3: The presenting author must also specify whether he/she is a student who automatically compete for one of student awards.



Abstracts and final manuscripts, for both poster and oral presentation, must be prepared in LaTeX using the style files iwsm.sty, according to the guidelines contained in the template file, template.tex. The file iwsm.zip includes the necessary files. Please do not use external bib-files and follow the guidelines very strictly. Please do not alter or add additional packages to these files. To ensure proper evaluation, abstracts should be approximately 4-5 pages.
We suggest the A0 format poster and it must be in portrait orientation.
NOTE: The format files are slightly different from those used at previous IWSMs, so authors have to use the new ones.


Refereeing and acceptance

All submitted abstracts, for oral and poster presentation, will be refereed by the Scientific Committee. A decision on the acceptance of the abstracts will be made by March 18, 2013, and a notification will be sent by e-mail. Due to the limited number of oral presentations some authors who have submitted an abstract for an oral presentation might be asked to submit a poster presentation instead.


Final manuscript

The final manuscript, ready for printing (both oral and poster presentation), should be submitted using abstract submission form no later than April 30, 2013. The authors must send a unique .zip file including the final PDF file (as the paper should appear), the source .tex file, and the associated figure files (also in .PDF). Final manuscripts will be handled (and included in the Proceedings) only for participants registered with payment. The formal registration deadline for authors is April 30, 2013. Maximum length of final paper: 4 pages for poster presentations; 6 pages for oral presentations.
NOTE: Registration and payment are requested before submitting the final manuscript


Proceedings volume

All the accepted papers (for both oral and poster presentation) will be included in the Workshop Proceedings. As in IWSM 2012, there will be two volumes: Vol. 1 devoted to oral presentations and Vol. 2 devoted to the posters. The printed form of Vol. 1 will be provided to all registered participants. Vol. 2 is optional and it will be distributed in printed form only under previous request and payment (15 EUR).


Legal considerations

By submitting a final paper, authors agree to grant the organizers of the workshop the right to publish the paper in the conference proceedings volume, to be distributed at the workshop. The material should not have been published elsewhere before the workshop. The workshop does not claim copyright and authors are free to publish the same material elsewhere after the workshop. Authors should ensure that publication in the conference proceedings does not conflict with the rights of third parties, nor violates non-disclosure agreements or copyright laws.