IWSM 2013   28th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling


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Best IWSM 2013 Student Paper: Jonathan Gellar (and Ciprian Crainiceanu) - Cox regression models with functional covariates
Best IWSM 2013 Student Presentation: Kevin Burke (and Gilbert MacKenzie) - Multi-parameter regression survival models
Best IWSM 2013 Student Poster: Silvia Rizzi (and Jutta Gampe, and Paul H.C. Eilers) - Efficient ungrouping of coarse histograms with the penalized composite link model

The 28th edition of the International Workshop on Statistical Modelling (IWSM) will be held in Palermo from 08 to 12 July 2013, hosted by the Dipartimento di Scienze Statistiche e Matematiche, Università di Palermo, Italy.

IWSM is the major activity of the Statistical Modelling Society, founded with the purpose of promoting and encouraging statistical modelling in its widest sense, involving both academic and professional statisticians and data analysts.
Since its 1st edition, the spirit of the workshop has always been to focus on problems motivated by real life data and on solutions that make novel contributions to the subject.

The atmosphere of the workshops is friendly and supportive, with no parallel sessions, with the aim of stimulating the exchange of ideas and experiences related to statistical modelling. As a sign of positive feedback the IWSMs report many returning participants

Papers focusing on applications with important substantive implications as well as methodological issues are welcome. Submissions by students and young researchers are particularly encouraged. For further information please visit also the websites of the Statistical Modelling Society journal (Statistical Modelling) and of the history of the conference.